Portable On-site Sawmill

We offer portable on-site milling where we come to you and mill your fallen or felled logs up to 76 inches in diameter and 20 feet long. Our service is not restricted by space and no heavy equipment is needed. 

Portable Milling 

Trip/Set Up -  $250.00

 $0.55 per board foot.


Contact us with the length and diameter of your log and we can provide a free estimate. 

Please note if metal is hit it destroys our chain and an additional $125 fee is charged. 

Kiln Drying 
Millwork & Finish Service

After having your logs milled we offer you the option to have it kiln dried in either one of our  8' x 20' kilns both heated by a Nyle L200 dry kiln system capable of drying up to 3,000 board feet of fresh milled lumber in an average of 6-8 weeks reaching temperatures of up to 150 degrees fahrenheit inside the kiln and achieving a moisture content of 8% - 10%. Our system can cut down dry time from years to weeks.   

Kiln Drying

$0.55 per board foot (we sticker)

$0.50 per board foot (you sticker) 

Finally finished this book matched salva

Interested in having your very own custom hand made furniture from a salvaged log? We can take the slabs of your choice from rough to finished and placed in your home, office, or business. Contact us for details and pricing.


Thickness Planer 24'' Capacity

$20.00 minium


Sanding 38'' Capacity

$20.00 minium 


SlabMaster Flattening 80'' x 22'